Your money is with the right person

Your money is with the right person about pic about pic

Your money is with the right person

We all know recently about the spread of advertisements with celebrities on social media, especially on the yellow application “Snapchat”, and how it has become powerful and a game in the equation of supply and demand in the market, and everyone wants what they offer to appear on this small screen, whatever the cost, but .. There is a point in it that most business owners Some marketing managers are ignorant of it, and we at Amazon had to clarify and publish it.
What you do not know, oh long life, is that there is a difference between the famous and the influential, like the difference between the sky and the earth.. Let's see it together...
The celebrity and the influencer, we agree that all of them are known in their society or in larger societies, but the influencer has a strong influence on society with his opinion, credibility, and people’s trust in him. The celebrity is just a well-known person, no more, no less.
I mean, how do we choose the influencer? Bravo to you, but even the influencer you have to choose is more accurate and correct, not any influencer whose views and followers are high, I mean right, you must save your money with the most appropriate person and be sure that the cost of advertising will return to you with profits.
Let's study it together.. We assume that you have a cosmetics store, first you need to know your target audience and they are (females - ages from 18 to 50 years old - interested in beauty, fashion and the latest new cosmetics in the market) so your choice of influencer is up to your audience; By virtue of your audience being females, the influencer must be female, and your age group must have influential followers, but their followers are elderly, such as my mother and mother, and their content is presented to this category, as their interests are far from your store.
The topic in general gives you results, but it needs to be studied before you lose your money.

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